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Wisdom is knowledge applied.

Dying or Living?

Recently, I came to a powerful new awareness around my fear of dying.  I have spent a lot of time avoiding the concept because it is so final; so scary and so dark.  I can’t wrap my brain around the notion of being dead for billions and billions of years.  Never to experience any of […]


What lenses do you view the world through?  Is it curiosity, fear, anger, resentment, love? Whatever the goggles are (context) that you view the world through, they have a fairly predictable outcome.  If you view the world through the lenses of fear, you likely live a very controlled, self-limiting and judgmental life which looks, feels […]

The Bag Lady Project

What is the Bag Lady Project? I wanted to share with you a project I created 8 years ago with the help of clients, family and friends.  I started sewing homemade Xmas stockings for Santa’s Workshop and using the donations that were given, I would fill them with age-appropriate treasures so kids in need would […]

Harbor vs. Harvest

Where do you come from at work, in relationships and in life?  Are you about being right or about being inclusive?  Each strategy has a very predictable outcome.  One is very I-centered and one is very WE-centered.  Leaders/people who harbor fear, anxiety, knowledge and anger create an environment that produces dread, limitations and fear.  Leaders/people […]

Living with Passion

Like all great scary stories about fear, they are created by our thoughts.  Over time those stories become our reality.  As adults, our boogeyman is the certainty that we can’t do something; we are not good enough; we might fail; it won’t work.  In these stories, our fears are what are hiding under our bed […]