with accredited life coach, Mia Jerritt


Circle workshop seriesCIRCLES is an acronym for seven significant areas of life we limit ourselves in.  Because the concept of the series implies there is no start and no finish, the workshops can be done in any order and the completion of all seven will lay the foundation for powerful and lasting change in each individuals life.

Each workshop is $40.00.

Location: TBA

Space is limited to 15 participants.

What is holding you back from getting what you want in your life.  This workshop explores your dreams, desires and wishes for your future and that which is in the way of you creating this future.  Most people have dreams for their future, but often those dreams stay safely protected in the confines of their minds.  Bringing your dreams to life starts by sharing the idea then putting action into play.  This requires a vision, skills, incentives, resources and an action plan - which you will work through in this session.  As well, you will distinguish the limiting thoughts which get in the way.
What does integrity mean to you and, in what areas of your life, are you  out of integrity?  Integrity is who you inherently are NOT who you wish you were.  They are the fabric of your being. Distinguishing your integrity through your core values and intentions allows you to see where you are out of alignment.  When you are out of alignment in any area of life; your thoughts, words, and actions don’t line up and you experience a sense of disconnect from either the person or the situation.  In this session we distinguish your core values and commitments and apply them to eight fundamental areas of life.
What do your personal and professional relationship cycles look like? Without the skills or the tools to recognize why you show up the way you do in your relationships, you repeat the same patterns complete with disempowering actions, which keep you safe and, often, unfulfilled.  Distinguishing awareness around your patterns allows for space to create something different while letting go of the expectations attached to the outcome.  In this session you will work through two powerful relationship exercises and apply them to both past and present relationships, in order to understand what went wrong and how you can prevent it from happening again.

When are you in; when are you out?

Every commitment, or lack of commitment, and every choice, empowering or disempowering, has consequences. Recognizing what the consequences are BEFORE committing or choosing is the step which allows you to either live at the cause of your decision or at the effect of your decision. This powerful session explores where your commitments in life start and stop and why. What you are fully committed to in all eight areas of your life and what the consequences of those commitments, or lack of commitments, are.


What kind of leader are you?

Everyone has the capacity to be a leader and to influence and affect positive change in their lives and the community around them. Are you a powerful leader or a dictator? Are you a visionary leader or one who has to win? Are you a humble leader or one who needs to be on a pedestal? Identifying what type of leader you are determines how you show up in different areas of your life and what the outcome of your decisions are. This is a very powerful session for individuals in a leadership role.


What is this way of being costing you?

How often do you show up, personally or professionally, with an expectation of what you want or need out of any given situation or relationship? When you attach expectations to an outcome and it doesn’t meet those expectations what is the result? What would it be like to show up without any attachment to the outcome—in other words, no expectation other than to be responsible for who you are being and what you are saying? In this session you will work through win/win; win/lose; and lose/lose scenarios in order to create awareness around what your strategy for getting what you want looks like.


Find yourself and your voice and live your full life.

Most people live their lives through perception, judgements and interpretations of the past and the present. This allows the stories in their head to be real, and creates a life where they live based on fears and reactions, rather than love and responses. Identifying the parts that are whole and full is the first step to dis-empowering the parts that have become fractured through the experiences of life. Identifying the emotional guardians which keep you firmly rooted in your survival strategies and limit your experiences is the second step. In this powerful session we look at both sides of the person in order to create a new way of showing up in life. With this piece of the foundation in place, the way you show up in every other area will change.

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